Introduction: Sonoff B1 Firmware Home Automation Openhab Google Home

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I really like the Tasmota firmware for my Sonoff switches. But a was not really happy with the Tasmota firmware on my Sonoff-B1. I did not fully succeed in integrating it in my Openhab and controlling it via Google Home.

Therefore I wrote my own firmware which I share with you via this Instructable and my Github.

Step 1: My Firmware

In the scheme you can see how the Sonoff B1 works. The scheme is downloaded from the Tasmota Github.

On the picture in the previous step you see the MY9231 LED drivers which are driven by the ESP8285 chip.

The firmware is on my Github.

In my firmware a web interface is added to control the most relevant functions.

Step 2: Flashing the Sonoff-B1

Flashing the Sonoff B1 is easy when you follow the steps written on the Tasmota wiki. The picture is downloaded form the Tasmota github.

Step 3: Openhab Integration

My Openhab items, rules and sitemap are on my Github.

The color rules are used to interpret the HSB color command from the sitemap color picker and the Google Home commands.

Also rules are added to interpret the "ON" commands from Google.

The Google Home Openhab integration is described here.

"Hey Google, turn on Sonoff B1"

"Hey Google, dim Sonoff B1 to 40%"

"Hey Google, change Sonoff B1 light to 40%" (my alias for the color temperature slider)

"Hey Google, change the color of Sonoff B1 to turquoise"