Introduction: Sonos Play 1 Wall Mount

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After searching for a bracket to mount my Sonos Play 1 on the wall I decided that the price they were asking for a piece of bent metal was just silly. So here is my design that I made from a scrap of 14 gauge aluminum and half an hour of my time. Basically FREE.

Step 1: Raw Material

I used a piece of 14 gauge aluminum. 2" x 8". Its was pretty scratched up but I had a fix for that.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill 2 x 5/16" holes 1.5 and 3.5 inches from one end centered down the length of the aluminum. Drill a keyhole slot with the large hole 1 inch from the other end. I used 3/8 and 1/8 inch drills then cleaned up with a small file.

Step 3: Cut Slot Clean Up and Finish

Using a hacksaw cut straight down to the 5/16 hole to form a slot. This is to allow the power cable to exit the Play 1. De-burr holes with a large (1/2 inch) drill and clean up sharp edges with a file. Using a wire brush mounted on a drill I brushed both sides of the aluminum to mask the scratches and leave a nice satin finish.

Step 4: Bend

The only critical bend is the support. I bent the slotted end at 1.5 inches. The actual critical measurement is the center of the Sonos mount hole to the inside support. This should be 2 3/16 ". Next between the mount hole and keyhole create an offset with 2 x 30 degree (approx) bends so that the Sonos unit hangs without the mounting screws interfering with the unit.

Step 5: Mount

Use a 1/4 - 20 short screw with washer and locking washer. Hang on a screw placed in the wall.