Introduction: Sony Smart Arm

So last year when I saw this

I thought that was something I really wanted to try so I did some research and found everything I needed to make it happen I got the implants in July and after a few months of healing i started using the Ipod Nano as a watch. After several months I felt like the Nano just wasn't versatile enough sure it has a range of apps and features but they are all local and limited to the 16gb storage space of the Nano. After doing some research on smart watches I discovered the Sony Smartwatch.

I realized it offers much more than the Nano due to its Bluetooth connection to my android phone. With the Smartwatch I have access to a much greater collection of music and numerous other features which are pretty darn amazing. The remote camera is one of my favorites, it displays the image of my phones camera on the Smartwatch. Another awesome feature is that any notifications on my phone are shown on my watch so I don't need to look at my phone when i get a new email, text, Facebook/twitter notification. The Maps application is really useful when walking around and not quite sure where I'm going, a quick peek at my Smart watch and i know where i am (way more discrete than using my phone).

1x Sony Smartwatch
4x Dermal Anchors
(These are larger than ordinary Anchors and can withstand the constant tugging of the magnets without dislodging)
4x 5mm Magnet Base
(I have scoured the internet and this is the only place i have found that sells this type of dermal)
12x 5mm x 1mm Neodymium Disk Magnet
(because the stock magnets are pretty weak causing the Smartwatch to fall off during periods of random arm flailing)
1x arm (yes you need at least one arm for this to work)

Super glue
Mini vice
(just some of the things that I used they aren't all absolutely necessary, except for the superglue that one is really important)


1. Get The Implants:
This step should be done first because when you get the implants they may move over the first few months of the healing stage. I got mine put in at a local piercing place they were pretty helpful and understanding of what my goals were for the implants. It really wasn't that painful either which is something people are always asking. For the Smartwatch you want to arrange them in a square formation with sides of 30mm. Originally i got the implants for the Ipod Nano so mine are a little further spaced which makes using the Smartwatch a tight fit (your results using 30mm spacing will be better than mine)

2. Replace Stock Magnets in the Magnet Base:
The magnet base has a small magnet inside it however i found it to be very weak so i removed it by holding the base over a flame for a few seconds and then picking at the magnet with a needle. Since its just glued in it's fairly easy to remove. Then just put a little bit of glue in the base and insert one of the 5mm x 1mm neodymium magnets. Repeat for all 4 magnet bases. (take note of the magnetic orientation when doing this) 

3. Modify the Watch:
Normally this watch has a clip on the back to attach to a watch strap. This needs to removed I did this using the cutting disc on my Dremel. Next you need measure the spacing of the implants in your arm and drill into the plastic casing to create a recess where the magnets will sit. Next glue the magnets into the casing so that they sit flush with the back of the watch (take note of the magnetic orientation when doing this).

4. Modify Charger:
The charger for the Smartwatch is a little weird, it is held in place by the back clip which was removed in the previous step. A new method of holding the charger in place is needed. To do this i glued 4 of the 5mm x 1mm neodymium magnets and the charger to a piece of plastic so when the watch is placed on the charger the magnetic attraction between the magnets on the back of the watch and the plastic hold the charger securely in place.

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