Does Your Car Cd-player Skip Tracks or Freezes While Playing?



Introduction: Does Your Car Cd-player Skip Tracks or Freezes While Playing?

This is my Sony X-Plod series CDX MP40 and before I do this, I used to burn cd's, to listen to my favorite music everytime I had a long trip, but have you ever tried to listen to your favorite music while travelling and one or two tracks later an annoying ticking sound started it stopped and rejected the cd although the disk, was in mint condition!
Here is how I got it fixed,(a friend recomended this to me, not my idea but it works)

(This might also work for any other brand cd player!)

Step 1: Panel Screws!

First of all you have to remove the unit from your car.Remove the one screw on the top and the ones at each side as shown at the pictures.

Step 2: Face Off!

Now remove the face, we want to remove 2 screws that are marked inside circles!

Step 3: Remove the Front Panel and Upper Section of the Chassis!

Place a flat screwdriver under each clip from one side and remove the front panel easy though cause there are cables connected that you dont want to damage!Next pull up the top section of the chassis!

Step 4:

Now you can see the cd unit, pull it up gently and place it top down on a table.You can see the axis that moves the head of the cd-player.Αll you have to do is, take a cotton bud dip slightly it's edge in engine oil and apply on the axis(a slight touch on the center will do the trick).Now move the head back and forth a few times to help the oil spread on the axis.When you feel that it moves much easier then your job is done.

Step 5:

When you install the cd unit back there is a rectangular clip right in the centre of the pcb that this has to go in, be carefull!
Thats all, now you can place everything back and fit it back on your vehicle.

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