Introduction: Soot Sprites

From the movie spirited away, one of the best animated films. Really simple and takes about 20-25 minutes. #breadwinners

Step 1: Supplies

- Markers
- Glue stick or glue
- A Rectangular Block of Styrofoam
- Small Styrofoam Balls (About an inch and a half in diameter is good)
- Black Paint
- Paint brush (You don't need one unless you like your hands getting messy)
- Wire (Make sure it's not too thin or too thick.)
- Paper
- Wire Cutter
- Scissors
- Ruler

Step 2: Paint the Styrofoam

Get your paint ready and go ahead and paint the round styrofoam. You can add as many layers as you would like. I added two layers to make sure it was dark enough.

Step 3: Add the Wire

Put the wire through the styrofoam. Cut the wire as long as you would like with the wire cutter to add the legs and arms.

Step 4: Insert the Legs Into the Other Styrofoam

Put the legs through the foam and make sure it's deep enough. Put it in the sun for it to dry. It will take about twenty minutes for it to dry. Although it just depends on how many layers you put.

Step 5: Make the Paper Stars

This part is the most difficult. Cut a piece of paper that's about a centimeter wide. Tie a knot into it, but make sure it's just loops. The shape should be a pentagon. Gently crease it and take the shorter end and wrap it to the other side. Do the same thing for the longer slide, but this time put it through the loops. Use the scissors if a side is too long. The last step to these stars are to pinch the sides to make the actual star. This can be difficult or take awhile if you've never done this before, so do something to kill time. Like listen to music, watch Netflix, and in my case, chill with your cat. After you're done with the stars, you can use the markers to color them. I used light colors to make them look like sprinkles.

Step 6: Make the Eyes

Cut circles to make the eyes, I made them about the size of my fingernail. After that's done, use a black marker to make the pupils.

Step 7: Glue the Eyes and Add the Stars

Add the eyes by gluing them to the styrofoam. The eyes are spaced apart by about a centimeter. Now add the paper stars on the wire by putting it through the small inserts. You can add as many stars as you'd like.

Step 8: Add Shadows

This step isn't needed, but to make it a bit more realistic I added shading to add a shadow effect. I used a marker below the soot sprite. After you're done doing that, you're done!