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This is my step by step process for my first Soul Eater scythe replica which is made from wood and stands just under 5 feet. I made this with a very small budget and is made from bits of wood I had lying around. If you have any questions or comments you want to post then I'd love to read them.

Step 1: Making the Main Body

I had a long piece of MDF wood that I used to make the main body and the side piece. I cut out more than I needed with a large drill piece and stacked them on top of each other until I got the size I liked. Your can buy a piece of MDF from B&Q from or Wickes for £6 which has more than enough that you could use, or any other type of wood.

Step 2: Measurements

I drew out the measurements I wanted for the main body and the eye on paper. Sadly I no longer have the originals anymore so this is the best quality photo I have of them.

Step 3: The Side Piece

This is the drill piece I used and the side piece for the body drawn out. I added a little extra to glue in the main body.

Step 4: The Blade

I made the blade from ply wood the width measures at 140mm. The method I used to draw out the curve was basically making a big compass using string. First I drew the 140mm line and put a pencil on one end wrapped in some string and kept the other end of the sting perfectly still and used that as a pivot point. I drew a number of lines and picked the one I was most happy with. I bought I piece of ply for my new scythe which cost just under £5.

Step 5: The Main Body

Because of the drill bit I used each cut has a hole directly in the center. I used a long threaded bar and stacked them together. They were glued together using PVA and used different drill bits as washers to spread the weight of the nuts on both end tightened as much as they could to keep everything compressed.

Step 6: The Nut

A hacksaw was used to cut the nut design at the top and 5mm saw was used for the grove. I later used a file to smooth everything out.

Step 7: Cutting the Body

A router was used to cut the body to the right size and depth to slot in the side piece and the blade.

Step 8: Coming Together

I sprayed the blade with red gloss and drilled the three holes for the side piece with a 20mm drill bit. The highest one measures 15mm to the top and 5mm from the side on the right. they are 10mm apart. They were stuck together using PVA glue, I made sure to leave 20mm on each the blade and the side piece to glue into the body securely and filled in any gaps with wood filler.

Step 9: Painting the Blade

I used masking tape a bit willy nilly to do the blade . With each piece I put down I mirrored on the other side and then cut them to size I like with a stanley blade. I then covered the main body with paper to protect against the black spray paint.

Step 10: Half Way There

I painted the blade and the main body using black and red gloss, matt silver and grey primer. I painted the spikes by getting a piece of paper, wrapping it around the body then measuring that and dividing it by six, then I had the width of each spike all you have to do then is draw a line down from the centre at the top of each spike and make a point. Cut out the six spike from some masking tape then spray them black.

Step 11: Making the Eyes

I made the eyes by carving out from a lump of dough that was placed to a vinegar bottle that was the same circumference as the main body of the scythe. The length of the eye is 155mm and a width of 60mm.

Step 12: Mold for the Eyes

I made a mold out of something that is really simple and cheap, I used silicone that you get in tube and corn flower from the shop. just squirt the silicone into a tub and about a forth that amount for the corn flower and mix it for about a minute. Then get some washing up liquid to use as lubricant and put some on your fingers, then grab a chuck of the mold mix and put on a thin layer to push in all the little cracks to get the detail and then add more to thicken it all up. I left it for about 20 minutes to dry completely then I had a mold I could use multiple times. I would recommend using a mask and doing it outside because the silicone smells strong. The picture I used is from the first one I made which was a fail, I made a new mix and added it to my new one that was shaped around the bottle so I could get the right curve for the scythe body.

Step 13: Soul's Scythe Eyes

I used car filler to fill in the mold and use for the eyes. The good thing about it is you can add to it and sand it down easily if its a bit too rough. I filled in the mold with the filler then placed the bottle on top so when they dried they were shaped to the same circumference as the body.

Step 14: The Handle

The hole for the handle was drilled using a massive drill bit which was actually a bit too big. I used a normal broom handle for the handle and packed in the hole with some wood filler then used another handle as a stilt which was zip tied to the body one end and to the bottom of the handle the other. This kept it positioned right while it glued,

Step 15: Problems With MDF

The problem with using MDF is it's only compressed paper and can't hold much weight. I didn't have a big budget to make this so I used whatever I had lying around. I had to glue it back together using G clamps to compress it and drilled two holes through the body and fill them with lollipop sticks to add extra support. It holds fine now but this was quite disheartening at the time. I recently finished making another scythe which is much better and sturdier than this which will be uploaded soon so if you have a bit more of a budget then I would definitely check out that one. But this one is perfectly fine if just add some extra support too it.

Step 16: Painting the Eyes

I painted the eyes with normal black, white and red acrylic paint and then later gave it a coat of clear lacquer to give them a shine similar to the anime.

Step 17: Gluing the Eyes

I used pound shop epoxy resin to glue the eyes, I scratched up a bit of the paint so the eyes would glue to the actual body and not the paint and then held them down using elastic bands. It let it glue for about 30 minutes.

Step 18: Finished

It took me about two weeks to finish but I was a bit lax with it and it came out looking like this. The body main body cylinder measured at 260mm long and 60mm wide. and the overall scythe measures at just under 5 feet and isn't very heavy but I definitely wouldn't recommend swing it around because it will probably fall to bits because of the MDF. It cost me £15 exactly to make but I had all the wood around the place so it was made with a very small budget. I even got a like from Soul Eater himself on Twitter which made we very happy. I'm huge fan of Soul Eater so I lived making this and how it came out but I actually made one much better than this which I just finished which is anime scaled and made from solid wood so that means it can be swung around forever and still hold up, that will be uploaded very soon. I have a Deviantart page which has all my projects on there and also drawings I do too. So check that out if you want here: and a Twiiter if you want to follow me on there:

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