Introduction: Sound Activated LED Ghosts

Be sure to check out my video on the project.

If you want some more detailed instructions, I have a detailed instructions video available. Please note, it is much longer and maybe a little dry. My intent is to provide additional clear instruction to help anyone who would like to make this project.

Step 1: Parts List

Below is a list of the different types of components you will need. You do not have to use these exact items as they are what I had readily available. The total cost was around $27.


-Arduino Nano approx $3.17

Amazon -

ebay -

-Adafruit $14.95

Adafruit -


- AC-DC 12v Buck Converter $4.60

Amazon -

ebay -

- AC-DC 5v Buck Converter $1.75

Amazon -

ebay -

- IEC C14 Panel Plug $0.99

Amazon -

ebay -


- LED Lights (Free) I have several spares, you can use many different options if you have spare christmas lights you can use 5-6 with 12 just fine, or you can get an LED strip light from amazon or ebay.

- Relay $2.28

Amazon -

ebay -

- 4 Empty Milk Jugs Free

Step 2: The Code/Music Creation

If you want to reproduce the exact same project that I did. Simply download the .ino file and upload it to your Arduino.

If you would like to create some code for your own songs you can use the excel file template to help guide you or use your own method. (refer to the detailed video for further instructions how to create your own songs).

The last step is to upload the music files to the adafruit soundboard. It's pretty straightforward, just connect the board to your computer via usb cable, and add your songs (with the correct names) just like you would to a thumb drive. (once again, refer to the detailed video if you would like further instruction)

Once you have the code uploaded and songs added you are ready to assemble everything together.

Step 3: The Build

The build is pretty straight forward. See the schematic for detailed instructions of how to connect everything together. As you can see from the image I had planned on using a perf board but just ended up using a breadboard to facilitate. You can easily use a board to connect everything, it would just require more soldering.

Step 4: Lights, Sound, ACTION!

Once you have everything connected, just connect the AUX cord to your favorite speaker, add power, and enjoy! All your neighbors will think you are a genius and I guarantee you will be one of the few on your street to have sound activated lights.

BUT IT DOESNT END THERE! This awesome Halloween decoration can be modified to adapt for any occasion. The milk jugs could be drawn as snowmen for Christmas, or you could replace the milk jugs for anything you would like to light up in sync with music.

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