Introduction: Sound Activated Lightbar

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This is a quick video how the lightbar works.

I got the idea her from Instructables and similar sites.

And I can use some off the things I got laying around in my compartments.

Step 1: The Parts

I used some RGB-led’s and some plastic " diamonds ", where i drilled a 5 mm hole and glued the led's.

A sound sensor module, all will work, I tried with a small microphone but that didn’t worked for me.

The power supply is a USB Lithium Battery Charger Module and I mounted a cable so is always connected.

And at the last I used a Attiny85 on a ATtiny85 ISP! Arduino Compatible Breakout Board from

This is maybe a little bit overkill but this I got.

Step 2: Now It Is Time to Solder It Together.

The led's are common anode, I soldered them together and also the three colours.

I use one 200 ohm resistor for common anode, maybe not right. But it work.

The charger module and the Attiny85 ISP are soldered to a piece of strip-board,

her I also soldered the connection for the led's and the sound module to the pins.

Step 3: The Progamm of the Lightbar

I found a skeleton from the internet and changed it so it work with the components.

It is properly not the best programming work, I learning, but it gives the led's live.

I used the smoothing part from and made for each colours a value.

This make the colour change by different sound frequency, kind of.

You can tweak the sensitivity " #define sensitivity 250 "

And you can change the value some be multiple with the sensitivity

if((abs(value - average)) > 3*sensitivity)

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