Introduction: Sound Blaster X-Fi I/O Drive (Front Panel) FIX

How to fix the Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series I/O Drive
When It wont light up or do anything.

The connectors on the ends of the cables are hard to get seated.
After seating the connectors, the pins need pushed back into the connectors.

Step 5 is for doing a complete driver re-install, these are the links you need, if you have to do this.


Driver Sweeper

I spent days trying to figure out why my I/O Drive stopped working, and couldn't find anything, other than re-install drivers, which does not help if the cables are loose. So here is my guide that worked for me, good luck.

Step 1: Remove Sound Card and I/O Drive From Computer

Shut down the computer, and turn off power supply.
Remove the sound card and I/O Panel.

Step 2: Re-seat Connectors

Start the connectors by hand, being sure to line the pins and notches in the connectors up.
Using something plastic and flat (this was the back of a small screwdriver) push and wiggle each side of the connector into the board

You really have to push and wiggle to get these things to go all the way in.
Dont forget to do both sides.
This Picture is from inside the case after I fixed it, but remove the card before you work on it.

Step 3: Fix Pins

If you look closely at the back of each connector, there  are square holes, with brass rings inside them, one for each wire.
They are the shinny parts in the pictures, where the red arrow is pointing.
Take the flat end of a small screw driver and gently push each of these rings back in towards the board.
Yes, you have to do it for every wire on both ends of the cable.

Step 4: Re-install Sound Card

Slide the card back in through the front of the case with the cables still attached.
Push it back in the slot.
Turn the power switch on, boot up and see if it works.
If not go to the next step.

Step 5: Drivers and Other Problems

You may have to do a fresh install.
Open control panel and go to add remove programs
Remove any creative software.
Shut down computer, turn power supply off, take sound card out of the mother board
Run Driver sweeper (link in intro) and select creative, remove all left over files
Download latest drivers (link in intro) dont install
Shut down computer, turn power supply off,  re-install sound card to mother board
Install new downloaded drivers, click yes to reboot after install
Run creative auto uodater,  download all updates ( you dont need, wave studio, midi player, or media toolbox, if you dont want them)
Click yes after they download to install them
Reboot after all updates are finished
Check control panel /sound to set your default device.
And dont forget to plug your speakers back into the sound card