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Introduction: Sound Memory Matching Game

Memory matching games are good for developing your brain and fun to play with family. Memory matching games, where you do matching based on sound works even better. Yet those are more complicated to craft, so i created this instruction.

I based this game on "Sensory Memo" Android game ( - its free, also good, if you don't have time to create paper version.

Step 1: Prepare

To start with you need to download and print box template, i have placed one here: It is best to choose some thick paper to print it. I used 200g white paper in this example.

You will also need some scissors, knife and glue.

I used cyanoacrylate glue (dries very fast, but you need to be careful with fingers). Others kind of glues also will work.

Step 2: Select Filling

Prepare also stuff to fill boxes. It should make distinctive sounds, here i have used 6 different fillings:

1. metal pellets,

2. plastic pellets,

3. wooden pices (made from toothpicks),

4. flax seeds,

5. sunflower seeds,

6. salt.

Step 3: Cut a Box Template

Time to cut a box with scissors.

Step 4: Create a Box

Fold the box template. You can use knife for help. Glue all sides except a single one.

Step 5: Fill a Crate

Split filling into 2 equal portions. Put one portion inside a box. Make sure rattling sound is good, then use glue to close last side.

Step 6: Repeat & Play the Game

Make the rest of the boxes.

After glue dries you are ready to play a game. Enjoy!

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    That is really clever. I am going to try this with my kids.