Introduction: Sound Deverting Human Ear for Tablets

hello, this is my first instructable!

My idea was the fact, that an human ear probably is the best shape for sound input. It has, after all, took millions of years to develop this thing. ok, if your an creationist, you don't believe that fact ;-)

so why the ear shape should not be good as an speaker. Moreover, my tablet only got one speaker on the back, which is often too quiet.

Ok, said and done, let us solve this problem:

Step 1: Download the 3d-file and Print It With Your 3d-printer

Download the attached file and print it.

i use PLA* with the following printing settings:

Supports: yes
Raft: yes
Infill: 70% (less likely works as well)
Shells: 2

the other settings such as printing speed and layer thickness depends on the capabilities of your printer.

To remove the print from the printing plate* I take the good old carpenter chisel. this is definitely the best tool for doing this. the chisel is an good tool to remove the supports an clean the print too! make sure that the chisel is keen, otherwise you don't have fun with it.

if you are interested, i will make an instructable how an german carpenter grind an chisel - sharp as a razor!


* Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bio-degradable polymer that can be produced from lactic acid,
which can be fermented from crops such as maize. This makes it an ideal candidate for use in certain energy rich, cash poor areas of the world. source:

* printing plate: I use glass, which is coated with wood glue. this method is very cheap and works great.

Step 2: Mount the Part on Your Tablet

put the ear over the loudspeaker on the backside of your tablet. (I constructed the speaker for a tablet with 9mm thickness)

Make sure that the opening of the speakers of your tablets exactly covers.

taking a piece of tape and attach the ear.

Step 3: Rejoice Over the New, Louder Sound of Your Tablet

i am amazed at how well the new ear on my tablet works!

the tablet is definitely louder and looks fabulous in my opinion (if you like the natural style)!

PS: the original human ear is from tpower118, published Jun 19, 2013 on thingiverse ( hey tpower118, thanks for your work!

And - please excuse my English, in which I'm really not a hero ;-)

Thank you for your interest!

Best regards

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