Introduction: Soup Bowl Koozies

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"Baby It's Cold Outside" and time for those wonderful homemade soups and chill's to keep us warm. But hot soups in glass bowls can be uncomfortable to handle. Protect your hands with these super cute Soup Bowl Koozies. These Koozies are fast and easy to create and they make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life. Just add a bowl and a soup mix package and you have the perfect gift.

Step 1: Materials

    For each bowl you will need two squares of fabric and two squares of batting all cut to the same size. I find that 10" squares work great for all of my bowls, but you can make them any size you like; 8", 10", 12" etc OR you can make a set of all different sizes

    • 2–10″ squares of fabric
    • 2–10″ squares of batting
    • Marking pen or ink pen
    • Scissors / rotatory cutter

    Note: If you plan on microwaving your bowl cozy, make sure to use only 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread. Anything polyester or metallic will melt, spark or catch on fire

    Step 2: Instuctions

    • Place wrong side of fabric square over each square of batting
    • You will have two of these for one bowl
    • Pin around the squares

    Step 3:

    Stitch (quilt) an 'X' through each fabric/batting square

    Step 4:

    Create darts

    • Fold one fabric/batting square in half with batting side out
    • Using a marking tool, mark a dot one inch from the fold and two inches from the top
    • Draw a line between them
    • Repeat on the bottom corner of the folded square

    Step 5:

    • Sew along both drawn lines
    • Trim seam allowance to 1/8″ to prevent bulk

    Step 6:

    • Fold the fabric/batting square in half in the opposite direction
    • Mark the fold edge one inch from the fold and two inches from the top and bottom
    • Draw a line between them
    • Sew along both drawn lines
    • Trim seam allowance to 1/8″ to prevent bulk

    Step 7:

    • Open the square
    • It should start to resemble a bowl now

    Step 8:

    Follow previous steps for the second bowl shape

    Step 9:

    Turn one bowl shape right side out

    Layer both bowl shapes with right sides together

    Step 10:

      • Pin together,making sure to align corners and side seam lines
      • Sew around the edges of the layered bowl shapes with a 1/4″ seam allowance
      • Leave about a 3 inch opening along one side for turning
      • When stitching around the corners do not pivot sharply, but take an extra stitch or two on the angle to round the corner
      • Clip the extra fabric in the corners on an angle

      Step 11:

      • Turn the bowl right side out through the opening
      • Push out corners
      • Top-stitch around the edge of the bowl, turning the opening in for a 1/4″ seam when you get to it to close

        You can quilt a design in the center of the bowl to hold the layers together and create a firmer bottom to the bowl

      Step 12: Some Picutres of the Finished Product

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