Introduction: Sous Vide With Ardunio

I made a modified version of barneybugs sous vide controller. (find it here:

This version uses the "standard" 16x2 lcd display and two pushbuttons for adjusting the temperature goal.

Fetch the code here:

Fetch the required libraries here:

I made a drawing for laser cutting a case that would work with the controller - should fit nicely.

- Illustrator:

- PDF:

The schematic for the wiring

- Fritzing:

- PNG:

Step 1: List of Materials

Step 2: Hook Up All the Wires

Follow the diagram attached here.

It's important to note that when working with AC (240V@my location) you should be cautious. Be sure to insulate all you connections and even better add a fuse somewhere in the wiring.

Step 3: Try It Out

Now just add a cooking plate with some wiring - with the relay in the middle of one of the wires.

I have a cooking plate with a max of 2000watts, but as you can see from the example it shoots way past the 60degrees all the way to 70, before settling at 60. So use a more moderate amount of watts - you'll wait a bit longer for it to heat up - but it should settle faster.

I have attached a video that was shot while doing the graph (iGrill thermometer). The number that is interesting is the one in the bottom right. In the beginning it will be 100, when it shoots past it will be 0. Then the number will dance around corresponding how much (often) the relay is turned on. It will be different each cook because the difference in mass that the cooker is heating (water and food).