Introduction: South Indian Bridal Head Pieces

South Indian Bridal Head Pieces shown in this instructable is a beaded version of bridal head pieces that is worn by the brides in their wedding ceremonies and also by the young girls during festivals and other ceremonies. It is popularly known as the "Jadai Alankaram". The design and colors used can be modified depending the brides dress.

Step 1: Items Required

1) OHP Clear sheet

2) Half Pearl stickers

3) stick on Rhinestones/ Rhinestone stickers

4) Fabric glue or E6000

5) Felt

6) String (Braiding cord)

7) white sheet of paper

8) Bobby Pin

Step 2: Making the Design

1) Take a white sheet and trace the desired design on it. One big circle for the center and 5 to 9 medium sized circle depending on the length of the plait.

2) Place the OHP sheet on the top of it and tightly secure it on all the sides.

3) Now start sticking the pearls, rhinestones, glitter stones as desired on the OHP sheet using the design as the reference one by one. Use fabric glue/ E6000 to stick if needed.

Step 3: Making the Head Piece

1) When the stickers are completely dry, take the OHP sheet and start cutting along the design.

2) Take the felt and cut it into a small square pieces.

3) Take the string and cut it into 15 cm to 20 cm of length (one piece of string for each small circle)

4) On the back of the small circle, in the center put some glue then place the string and on the top place the felt and secure it tight. Allow it to dry.

5) Insert the piece of felt into a bobby pin, put glue in the middle of the center piece and secure the bobby pin to the design tightly.

Note :

* The small circle design are to be placed on the plait. so requires a string to tie it on the plait.

* Center piece does not require a string it requires a bobby pin.

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