Introduction: South Pacific Laundry Cart

How to make a laundry cart prop

Step 1:

The first step to making a south pacific laundry cart is to measure out 4 pieces of 2 by 4 that are 4 feet long, four more pieces that should be 3 feet tall, and four more pieces that 2 feet wide.

Step 2:

The second step would be to attach the already measured and cut out 2 by 4 with a cordless drill and screws.

Once the frame is all attached add 3 sheets of metal to all sides of the frame except the top and the back of the frame. On top of the frame of wood you should add a sheet of wood that is the size of the top of the frame with a small holw cut in the middle and put a layer of bamboo covering on the top for a more tropical look.

Step 3:

The third step would be to paint the metal sheets to look like it has a rusted look. Using blues and rusted reds. Use light brush strokes with a little bit of water down paint

Step 4:

The fourth step would be to get a regular work bucket that is paited with primer and then painted black the a clear tube attached to the top and is placed on top of a wide 2 feet PVC pipe that is panted gray. When it is places all together it will look like a big pipe that runs the laundry

Step 5:

The fifth step would be to add two rounded out 1 by 4 pieces of wood that are 1 foot to the sides of the hole on top of the cart so it looks like a pully to pull the clothing out of the laundry. Another thing to add would be a metal bucket to but the clothes for looks

Step 6:

The last step would be to add lots of clothes round and on top of the south pacific laundry cart so it looks like an open for business laundry cart and a wooden sign that says twisted air hand laundry .