Introduction: South Pacific Shower

In this how to I'm going to be explaining how to build the prop for South Pacific the play, Billis shower. This shower isn't moved, but is used for the nurse in the play, the students have measured the actor for the play. The students have measured because there will be doors on the shower but depending on how tall the actor is, the size of the door may vary.

Step 1: The Materials and Start for the Building

You gather your wood, you measure your wood to see if you need it specifically to that length and width. You proceed to then grab your tools ( nails, power guns, standard drills, ban saw, table saw, and the orbiting palm sander) grab safety googles before powering on any tool, and gloves for protection on unsanded wood. You cut when your ready, and you and other are out of the way of blades


First you place the wood in the desired place for the wood to be penetrated by the nail. There's several angles you can insert a nail into the wood, when you have the right angle you want then drill it in. Basically all pieces need to well decided before inserting screws and nails, you could always start over or but that'll damage the wood, or ruin the nail. when you make a structure you make levels, so it won't collapse or be unsteady so it could be durable, and a point to make from- like go from. Build from like add onto.

Step 3: The Structure and Appearance

With the first picture you take those drilled pieces and pick the house like thing up and place it over the rolling piece, and drill it together. Using the orbiting sanders helped me sand the wood after they were cut so it wouldn't hurt the builders or actors. you just rub around the sander on rough edges, it could even help you better curve edges. You drill on the doors (Plywood), by having a thingy that makes it possible for the doors to move at a 180 angle. You can paint on pieces for appearance because it's the shower from south pacific and it pretty much needs some sort of decoration.


You grab two by fours and you chop down 1-2 of them to make the steps. You measure the shower structure attach them to two pairs of un-chopped two by fours that are drilled together. LOL that's pretty much it, super simple.