South Pacific

Introduction: South Pacific

About To Tell You How To Make Boxes For The Play

Step 1: Final Product

This is the end result of how to do the boxes for the play South Pacific. It look like a lot of work but it don't time if you just be focus.

Step 2: Cut Wood

First You Start By Cutting Some Lay Sheets 19" x 9" Wood. You going to Need About 12 of 19" Wood and 9" Wood

Step 3: Put the Wood Together

Next You Have To Put 2 Of Each Wood Together To Make A Box. You Going To Have The 19" On The Top And The Bottom. Use The 9" For The Sides. Put Wood Glue On It So It Will Stay Together.

Step 4: Nail Together

Now You Got To Use A Nail Gun To Shoot Through The Wood So They Can Stay Together

Step 5: Sand It

So Now You Got The Box Together So Now You Got To Sand It Down So You Won't Have Any Rough Or Any Sharpe Points.

Step 6: Paint Boxes

Here Is The Fun Part, Now it Boxes Grey. Paint It An Light Grey, Which Means You Will Have A lot Of Water In The Paint So It Won't Be An Dark Grey.

Step 7: Now Add the Stencils

Now You Got To Spray Paint The Words On The Boxes. Best To Use Black Spray Paint So It Can Be Blacks Words.

Step 8: Done!

Now You Let The Words To Dry, Then You Done. Now You Got To Do All That Over Until You Got All The Boxes You Need

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