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     My name is Nicholas Smythe, I am 22 years old (11/15/1989), and live in Rochester NY. My 2 full time jobs are working as a child habilitationist for physically and mentally handicapped teenagers around 60 hours a week, and being a single father of my 2 year old Chloe.
     After all of my work is done my passion is to make longboards. Right now due to my work schedule and family life, my only time to do this is very late at night (12am-3am). I started in my basement but was relocated to the shed for disturbing my family. This will not work in the winter. Not only will the harsh western New York winters effect me, but the temperature will effect the quality of my products.
    I love longboarding because I enjoy the freedom, accessibility, and fun from cruising around the city that I love. I meet new people, get exercise, and get around without having to buy gas, Before I started making longboards, none of my friends were into it. Now, I have a group of around 6 people to go longboarding with. Not only have they grown to love the act of longboarding, but have grown to love the city they live in. Through longboarding they have experienced new things, met new people, and been to new places they wouldn't have otherwise gone to, because oftentimes suburban kids fear the city. My goal is to get more and more people to love longboarding, and to love their city that I love dearly. It's all about the adventure, the camaraderie, and experience and I want South Wedge Boards to be able to supply that, as well as a handcrafted, quality product. 
    South Wedge Boards mission is to provide an affordable, handmade, customized, and overall better quality longboards then all the factory longboards that are so expensive. We will never stop innovating, creating, and pursuing this dream and I thank you for taking the time to learn about what I care about so much.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the "fat" grey one wit the stripes. 0:23. its got the old school look and probably the great quality too.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    hey looks like a very nice longboard you made there! Looks pretty awesome...
    I am making one right now (my 1st one). I already have the deck cut out, but now I worry about my trucks and wheels.

    My Nose and tail width are about 9 1/2" thick. I am kind of confused on where should I put the trucks. where should I drill? How far from nose and tail? And how wide are trucks normally? Do you think deck is going to touch wheels when I turn?

    Please reply and thanks for making this sweet tutorial :)