Introduction: Southern Zest Cranberry Sauce

This zesty spin on a classic dish adds a southern citrus flair of oranges to the sour and sweet cranberry sauce. This is sure to be a hit side at any Thanksgiving table.

Step 1: Ingredients

For this dish you need just a few simple ingredients (feel free to change sizes):

             - 5 cups cranberries
             - 1 orange peel
             - 2-5 orange slices
             - 2 cups water
             - 2 cups sugar

Step 2: Preparing the Oranges

The oranges will go in the sauce with the cranberries but before that you have to prepare the oranges. For the oranges first off you have to scrub the peel (i used a potato scrubber) in order to clean anything off of it. After that peel the orange and cut up the peel along with 2-5 of the actual pieces of the orange.

Step 3: Making the Sauce

Using a medium saucepan stir together the sugar and water until boiling and keep it boiling for about 5 minutes. After it is boiling add the cranberries and the orange peels/slices. Then just boil that over medium-high heat until the cranberries pop and the sauce is kind of thick. Remove it from heat and serve it warm or chilled for a nice thanksgiving meal side dish.

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