Introduction: Space Habitat: a Rotating Spaceship (connectors)

Everyone would have seen interstellar and the majestic spaceship: Endurance. Endurance in majestic with one ring around it and its rotating motion centrifugal force creates artificial gravity. So lets make a space ship!!!!

Step 1: Create a New Tab

First you will need to go TinkerCad website.

Step 2: Add Some Rectangular Habitats in Ring

add some rectangular habitat sections so that they are in shape of a ring.

Step 3: Adding Corridors From to Connect Section to Form Ring

use the seated ball connector in connectors section to make corridors.

Step 4: Add the Ring Airlocks

Add the air lock by making a block by inserting a cylinder and one more cylinder but with less radius and more length. Then add them to the seated connectors. Also use 4 such shapes in middle.

Step 5: Make One More Ring and a Cylinder Connecting Both

Copy the ring if you want. Then add a cylinder in middle in both of them.

Step 6: Add the Solar Panels

Add the solar panels to harness the solar energy.

Step 7: Print It!

You can 3D print the spaceship by exporting it and then using a 3D printer

Step 8: The End!!!!!!

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