Introduction: Space Head

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Let your head bigger as Space!

Step 1: Considering the Elements Will Be Located Inside of Another Element.

I've used the different shapes provided by tinkercad, like on earth model on a picture that form with a combined oval shape and on the moon that forms with diamond shape for moon spikes. the first part that I've constructed is this solar system with different universe elements because this part should be located inside of astronaut helmet. and i've used also the Scribble shape to form the fire from the comet shown on picture.

Step 2: Little by Little... BUILD IT!

it's requiring me a lot of patience, because .. you have to build it slowly like lego and you have to ensure that the reality of design should be followed using of different shapes only provided by tinkercad (shapes like Roof, Round Roof, Cylinder, Box, etc.)

Step 3: Finish It!

Now look for the details... because the details help to make your design becomes realistic.

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