Introduction: Space Plants

Hello, Thank you for reading my instructable. This Garden was submitted for the maker contest Growing Beyond the Earth in the high school level. The garden can water, heat, cool and light itself. All the code is included here so you can edit it to make it more suitable for you needs.



Solenoid Valve

Arduino mega

Moisture sensors

LED strips


Buck converters

Power cord

Power supply

Peltier cooler


Foam Board

Hot glue

Wooden rods


Hot glue gun

Utility knife

computer with Arduino IDE

ruler/straight edge

tape measure


Step 1: Build the Enclosure

In this step you will build the enclosure were all the plants will grow. I forgot to mention it in the video, but you should water proof all of the grow surfaces and have some sort of screen covering the dirt. Watch the video below to put it together. You will need the foam board, hot glue, and wooden dowels. Some tools that you may need are a pencil, a ruler, a tape measure, a hot glue gun, and a utility knife.

Step 2: Electronics and Wiring

Now we will do the wiring (My second favorite part). I would suggest that before you do anything, that you read the next two sections about the code and electronics placement. Please note that you can place your electronics any where you want in the garden but please do it logically. you can also change the pins around if you so choose.

Step 3: Code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay for code, my favorite part!!! In this part you will learn about the code that makes it all work. If you don't care about the code, then you can just download the code and move on.

Step 4: Electronics Placement

Now I will show you where to put all the electronics. Keep in mind that this is a suggestion and you can put them where ever you want.

Step 5: Complete Video

Thank you for reading my instructable, it means a lot to me. :)

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