Introduction: Space Saving Ball Storage

The area of my garage where my kids keep their outside stuff is always in a constant state of chaos. I had a bin of balls that was taking up too much space, so I decided to make use of a small section of wall space and some PVC pipe I had laying around. This is an easy, cheap and effective way to store balls when space is extremely limited. There are a ton of different ways make this project, this is the way I came up with. Mostly because I used spare materials I had in my garage.


6ft of 2in PVC
10FT of 1/2in PVC
2 1/2in PVC Tee fittings
6 1/2in PVC end caps
Saw (I used a jig saw)
Sander or sand paper
1/2in drill bit or hole saw
Nuts, bolts, washets
12ft of rope
About 15 bungees (the more the better)

Step 1: Prepare the Frame

Cut the 2in PVC to length. I used two 3ft sections.
Then cut the section of PVC in halves long way. (I used a jig saw, but you can use any saw you have handy)
Then sand them or grind them flat.

Step 2: Drill Holes for Cross Sections

Drill 1/2in holes in the frame pieces to hold the cross sections.
Cut the 1/2in PVC to length for the cross sections. Be sure to cut them a couple inches longer than needed to fit thd end caps.
Use the two 1/2in PVC Tee fittings on thd end to give additional support.

Step 3: Fill in Gaps on Bottom

I simply used a section of rope I had on hand to create a fill the gaps on bottom.

Step 4: Install Bungees

Attach the bungees all around. The more the better. The size of bungees will depend on how far apart you built your frame. Mine used 30" bungees, I got 15 for $10.00.

Step 5: Add Balls

Now you are ready to add the balls. You can dump them in the top or through the bungees on the side.
The balls are easy for little ones to get in and out through the bungees.
Your project is complete!

Step 6: