Introduction: Space Saving Vertical Onion Planter

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Small living space? No garden? You still can get fresh spring onions
every day - make a vertical onion planter that fits on your table or windowsill!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

  • Plastic bottle
  • Soil
  • Papīra nazītis
  • Onions to plant

Step 2: Cut the Top

Cut off the top of the bottle. The opening should be wide enough to put soil and onions in.

Step 3: Cut Holes

Cut small holes in the bottle. Each hole will hold 1 onion. If your onions are big, make sure they will fit into the bottle! (I made a small planter with 10 holes/onions. You could use a way bigger bottle and more onions if you like.)

Step 4: Add Soil

Put in the first layer of soil until it reaches the first holes.

Step 5: Add Onions

Place onions in the hole, pointy side facing up and out of the hole.

Step 6: Fill It Up

Keep adding soil and onions until the bottle is full. Water the onion planter to encourage growth. TIP: Is the soil is dry and/or water has trouble getting to the lowest onions, make some small cuts in the bottle below the onions and place the bottle in a bowl with some water. Soil will absorb moisture through the cuts and onions will be fine.

Step 7: Water and Harvest

Water and harvest! Water your onion farm daily and harvest the spring onions when they are green and ready (it may take about a week or more)! Here you can see how my onion planter looked after 3 days and 10 days (already managed to eat some :) )

TIP: You can plant the second batch in another bottle when the first spring onions have sprouted and got bigger, so you will have fresh ones all the time.

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