Introduction: Space Robot Helmet

I think a helmet is the main feature of any space themed costume, so i took time in planning this one out a bit.
Probably the most expensive part of the costume. Had to buy it from ebay overseas. Again , going for a certain look.

Step 1:

First, i began by drawing out some shapes to go on top of my helmet, kinda going for a retro look. After deciding on the shapes, i drew and cut out the shapes from thin cardboard. Bought a light blue acrylic or plexiglass sheet. Traced the shapes on the plexiglass and used a dremel tool with the 199 bit to cut it.

Step 2:

Using a drill bit, i cut out holes on the back of the helmet and installed two 1/2" PVC push adapters. Then glued them in place with hot glue gun.

Step 3:

Drilled tiny holes on both sides of the helmet to secure the plexiglass shapes on to the helmet, using post screws. Then i took EL wire 1.3mm and glued it all along the edges of the shapes with Loctite super glue. Drilled a tiny hole through which the EL wire goes into the inside of the helmet. And also ran EL wire along the center of the helmet to the back.

Step 4:

Bought a chrome Tub Spout Ring from Lowe's. Ran the EL wire through the side of the helmet first and through the Tub ring. Drilled a hole on the ring , then soldered  the wires from the EL wire after gluing the EL wire with super glue all around the ring. After the ring was done, i just super glued it to the side of the helmet.

Step 5:

After all the wiring is done , i just hot glued it together to the sides of the inside of the helmet. Then i covered it up with black electrical tape to make it all clean and neat looking. Dont want wires getting caught in your hair!  Lastly, plug your wires to EL wire inverter and you are done!

Thanks for watching!!! :D