Introduction: Space to Breathe

Ever wondered why the only things that are available for solar cost so much? So have I. Here is my bashed up effort, I'm not proud.

Years ago my neighbour errected a wall which was quite high and blocked out what was a sunny spot right outside my backdoor in one of those quaint lil english terraced houses. Then I moved in and found it not the cheery space I knew.
What to do?
I know I had some old work benches of 4x2 and put up a really high lean to roof from one side to the other and cheated a false wall so a roof of 19 total and 16 ft transparent. I used the old leanto roof as the scaffold support and had a really study base to work off. Total materials cost ws mitigated by reusing polycarbonate roofing and scrap sterling chip/wafer board.  The inside looks pretty cool with 8" purlins acting as light baffles. The whole thing gets the sun from 15deg over horizon till around late lunch in the winter. Its got all my grotty tools stored but I am looking forward to getting some big cheese plant in there. I think it has become an amazing entrance for a terrace. Watch out for the next instructable later.

The horizontal joists are awaiting removal though they are useful as storage for my timber as you can see.

What suprised me was the effectivness of insulating that area of wall to the house comfort.

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