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Introduction: Bacon, Cheese and Spaghetti Meal

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This is a very easy dinner to make and it includes bacon, your favorite!

Step 1: Ingredients

× 3 packages of bacon 5-7 strips in each package.
× One whole or half cheese, should be shredded on a full plate.
× 5 dl (2.1 cups) of cream.
× 4 eggs
× Pepper

Step 2: Bacon

Cut the bacon in small pieces.

Step 3: Fry the Bacon

Fry the bacon for 10 minutes or more till they get crispy. Butter is not needed for the pan. The bacon is so fatty anyway. After they've gotten crispy put them in a bowl. Make sure you get all the fat in there too. This will give it more taste.

Step 4: Cheese

Add 5 dl (2.1 cups) of cream.

Step 5: Cheese

Shredd the cheese. Put the shredded cheese in the bowl.

Step 6: Eggs

Add 4 eggs and whisk them around.

Step 7: Pepper

Add some dashes of pepper.

Step 8: Serve

Fill it in a nicer bowl.

Step 9: Spagetti

Make some spaghetti. Boil it approximately 10 minutes. Taste if it's good.

Step 10: Done!

It may not look like the fanciest meal in the world but I swear it is sooo good. The combination of cheese and bacon is just the best!

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    Eleonora Cesari Art
    Eleonora Cesari Art

    6 years ago

    It's a typical dish of Rome (Italy) so let's correct some mistakes: first of all it's spagHetti ALLA carbonara, second we don't use bacon but pork cheeks, third "whipped cream"?! Not even think about it, fourth we don't use simple cheese but 'pecorino romano' - an extraordinary cheese made from sheep's milk - fifth you don't need the whole eggs just yolks.

    Some advice now: try to drain the spaghetti when they are almost cooked and finish cooking in the pan with the pork cheek, pecorino cheese and just a little bit of the cooking water (that must have been salted), you'll see the cheese melting and the flavors mixing together, and than at the very end add the yolks off the burner and a shower of ground pepper.

    Let me know how it tastes this way.

    From a new Italian friend


    Reply 6 years ago

    Oh my god I did this clearly the wrong way! Well thank you for your advice. I guess this wasn't the typical Italian dish. I think I may change the title for the correct content.