Introduction: Spaghetti Bananara - Sweet Banana Spaghetti

Today, when I came back from school, hungry, I got one of those really stupid/awesome ideas.
So I decided that maybe, after roaming this site for a few years, it was time to post my first instructable!
Also I somehow found out contests are now open for almost the whole world, which is awesome, so I am also entering this to the "Cooking for one" contest to celebrate.
I only have my mobile phone with me, so I'm sorry for the photo quality.

But, back to the original idea.

Sweet spaghetti. With bananas. And cocoa. And coconut. Also a little spicy. Behold, the Spaghetti bananara. Yes, that is quite a stupid modification of 'carbonara'.

First, you need to cook yourself some spaghetti. I used half hard wheat and half wholegrain. Throw them in boiling water with a little salt and a bit of butter. Boil for maybe 8min, until desired consistency, then strain.

Then cut two bananas into slices. Put them on a pan. Add enough butter, shredded coconut, cocoa (I would have used pure cocoa powder, but only had instant cocoa drink powder, which also contains some sugar and tons of all the stuff they put in industrial food for no apparent reason) and ground cayenne/chilli pepper to taste. Add enough so you can feel it, why put it in otherwise? You don't need to add any sugar, the bananas are sweet enough for themselves.

Start roasting this. Mix well, so the bananas are covered with butter, cocoa and coconut mixture.
Roast and mix all the time. Bananas will soften and lose their shape, which is what we want.

When there's something a little closer to a sauce than to sliced banana on your pan, pour it over your spaghetti like you would a regular sauce.
You can top it with sour cream for example, but I had none, so I didn't.

Now enjoy the genius of cooked bananas with the genius of spaghetti, all on one plate.
I must say this idea was a little more on the "awesome" than on the "stupid" side.
Substitute butter with coconut oil for vegan.
Substitute wheat spaghetti with gluten-free pasta for gluten-free.
Substitute cocoa drink powder with pure cocoa powder for sugar-free.
Substitute flame with cool winter breeze for raw.
Substitute spaghetti bananara with water for not hungry.

I'll be happy to read your comments.
If you liked these sweet spaghetti and/or my first instructable, you can also vote in the contest.

Thank you for reading, ;)

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