Introduction: Spaghetti Meatballs Tomato Sauce

Recently i started i have been working some longer hours at work, unfortunately this doesn't give me as much time as i would normal like to have, on cooking up new and interesting recipes :(. But but i still need to eat so i though i would show you this, something that is often over looked as boring or just for kids. On top of being mouthwatering-ly delicious it is also quick easy and cheap, (words everybody likes :P). a few easy tips that i can give you when cooking simple food like this and you want it to look and taste spectacular are ;

1. Height, your food needs to be presented stacked up high it allows people to see more of it and make it generally look better.
2. Distinction of ingredients, you food might be the nicest tasting in the world but if its all mixed together you can't tell what your eating and it will properly look like slop, here i have left the meatballs, pasta and sauce un-mixed so can tell what each ingredient is. 
3. Colour, try to use separate and distinctive colours it will make your food look more interesting, make sure they go well together.
4. Garnish, your food needs something placed on top of it, like a smart spotted handkerchief to finish off a fine suit.
5. Finally Salt and Butter. have you ever wondered why the food you order in a restaurant tastes so much richer, deeper and fuller of flavour then your home cooked alternative, then this is your reason right here, if your using an unflavoured oil use butter, and if its a sauce finish it with butter, season with salt and pepper throughout and be generous with the seasoning at the end it will make a world of difference. 

If you have been following my ideas but some of them seem slightly too time consuming or complex, then this should be an excellent jumping off point, remember all of the ingredients in any recipe are really just rough guideline rather then the law, change, substitute, alter as much as possible find what works and what doesn't, don't be put off by your failures your should see some of the god awful abominations that i have created.

Still interested ? 


Tomato sauce:
2 Tins of Tomatoes
1 Large, finely chopped red onion.
2 tbls Olive oil.
4 Pealed and chopped cloves of garlic.
1 tbls Finely chopped basil.
1 Desert sp Sundried tomato .
1 Desert sp Tomato puree.
1 tsp Course ground black pepper.
Salt to taste.

2 tbsp olive oil
1 Large Onion, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
400g/2lb minced beef
250g Cooking Bacon
2 tbsp freshly chopped herbs
1 tbsp rosemary
salt and freshly ground black pepper

3 tbsp olive oil to cook in.

Tomato sauce
cooked spaghetti
torn Basil (to dress)
Hard cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano (to dress)
mozzarella (to dress)

Ps, i always add coco powder to my tomato sauces it gives them a beautiful rich and bitter undertone.

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