Introduction: Spaghetti Wars

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Enjoy my short film

Step 1: Spaghetti Wars

I love cooking and even modeling or sculpting, for this reason, thanks to your contest, I have combined these skills.
The final dish is edible also because I used to model and for the casting non-toxic products. Well it is certainly an experiment to use isomalt for a salty and not sweet recipe.

Another of my passion is Star Wars and you will understand everything especially watching the short movie of Edition 0 of the "Spaghetti Wars" Saga. Do not lose it.

Enjoy the film and your meal!


  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Cornstarch
  • Isomalto
  • Silicone
  • Spaghetti
  • Cuttlefish and squid ink


  • Pot
  • Cake mold
  • Hairdryer
  • Dish
  • Portable gas torch
  • Sketchfab App
  • Latex gloves
  • Silicone mat

Step 2: Make a Modelling Paste

  • Insert water, cornstarch and bicarbonate into the pot
  • Put on the cooker and bake happily, turning continuously
  • As soon as the dough begins to solidify, turn off the stove
  • Put the dough on a silicone mat and work it a little to make it smooth
  • The dough is ready!

Step 3: Create the White Mask

  • Look at a 3D mask (I used Sketchfab)
  • Model the pasta, previously created
  • Put your creation in the oven, max 80 ° C for at least 50 minutes

Step 4: Make a Silicone Casting

  • Put your white mask in a cake mold
  • Combine the 2 components of silicone
  • Pour the silicone into the cake mold
  • Let it cool off for at least 4 hours
  • Clean the created silicone form, removing all the residues of the white mask

Step 5: Create the Isomalt Black Mask

  • Insert the isomalt into the pot
  • Put on the cooker and cook, turning continuously
  • After 2 minutes, insert squid ink into the pot
  • As soon as it reaches 180 ° C, turn off the stove and let it cool a little
  • Pour the contents into the silicone form while still hot
  • Let the isomalt arrive on all sides of the form
  • Cool down, help yourself with a hairdryer
  • Extract the black mask, from the silicone form
  • Use a portable gas torch to eliminate bubbles on the surface and make it smooth as in my photos

Step 6: Cook Spaghetti, Cuttlefish and Squid Ink

  • Insert water and salt into the pot
  • Put on the cooker and bake happily
  • As soon as it reaches 100 ° C, insert the spaghetti
  • Put the pan on the cooker and add olives, garlic, the cuttlefish and squid ink
  • As soon as the spaghetti cone cooked, insert them in the pan and skip the pasta as in my video

Step 7: Garnishing Spaghetti and Mask

  • Make a nest with spaghetti
  • Place the Darth Vader Mask on top of the nest
  • Add the tentacles of the cuttlefish, pre-cooked in the pan
  • Add a few leaves of fresh mint
  • A few drops of an excellent extra virgin olive oil
  • Grind on a little bit of black pepper

Step 8: "Use the FORK... Luke!"

Enjoy my short film - Spaghetti Wars

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