Introduction: Spaghetti and Plain Yogurt Side Dish

This is a perfect summer dish, it is to be eaten cold and can be coupled
with a sandwich, meat, chicken and best of all fries.

Step 1: List of Ingredients

For this simple dish I used the following ingredients:

A pack of 450g of spaghetti

750g or 1 liter of 2% plain yogurt

Handful of dried mint

2 cloves of garlic (medium size)

Salt (to taste)

Step 2: Boil the Spaghetti

As soon as the spaghetti finish boiling, wash them with cold
water for two minutes.

The spaghetti and the yogurt should be mixed cold to prevent the yogurt from separating.

Step 3: Garlic

Crush the garlic using a mortar and a pestle until the
garlic is a paste.

Step 4: Mix Everything Together

Mix the spaghetti, the yogurt and the garlic together,
ensuring to coat all the spaghetti with yogurt and garlic.

Then add the dried mint and salt then mix some more.

Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Enjoy

I love to eat them with fries.

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