Introduction: Spanish Bowline

The Spanish Bowline knot is a double loop knot that is typically used to lift a person in search and rescue situations but has various uses such as tying books or stacks of cardboard together.

NOTICE- This example uses 2 feet of para cord for practice purposes only. It is recommended to use thicker and stronger rope in search and rescue situations to avoid breakage.

Step 1: Supplies

Gather Supplies needed to form the Spanish Bowline knot
  • Paracord rope (Recommended). Any rope can be used as long as it doesn't break during the process.
  • Scissors, in case you need to cut the rope to a certain length.
  • Lighter, close off the rope and prevent the rope from fraying.

Step 2: Cut

Cut rope to desired length.

  • 2 feet is recommended for practicing the knot without excess rope.

Step 3: Burn

Burn the cut off end/ends to prevent the rope from fraying during the tying process.

Step 4: Single Loop

  • Lay the rope down on a flat surface with both ends extended vertically.
  • Fold the rope in half by placing your left or right index finger roughly halfway on the rope and gather both ends of the rope with your other hand to create a single loop

Step 5: Double Loop Under

Using both hands, pinch both strands of the rope roughly 4-5 inches down near the loop side and fold the loop under itself to create a double split loop.

Step 6: Double Loop Twist

Grab both loops and flip them away from yourself to create a twist at the cross section.

Step 7: Left Under and Through

Place the left loop through the right by using the left loop and taking it through the right.

Step 8: Butterfly

Hold the cross section of the rope with your right hand and use your left hand to push the the two strands with the open ends upwards to create a butterfly.

Step 9: Double Loop Pull Through

  • Put both index fingers and thumbs through the top two loops by going underneath and through.
  • Pinch the bottom two loops with your hands wrapped by the top two loops.
  • Pull the bottom loops through to create a knot.

Step 10: Tighten and Adjust

  • Tighten the knot by pulling the top strands of the loop.
  • Pull the bottom strands to adjust the size of each loop if the loops are uneven.

The knot is now complete and ready to use.