Introduction: Spare Lid Drying Rack

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If I need something, I do what I can to make it from things I already have lying around. I have alot of clothing items that need flat drying, and I don't always have a place to lay them flat. It was getting inconvenient to continue using my over door ironing board all the time. I had some leftover lids from some big Rubbermaid containers that split and were no longer of any use. I believe they came off a 15 gal tote, and it fit over my standard laundry basket. Here's how I modified it.

What you need:
lid from old tote
mesh clothing bag-I got this one from the dollar store
craft knife or box cutter
hot glue gun-high or low temp

Step 1: Cut!

Flip your lid to the underside. With your craft knife, start cutting on the edge lines. It's easiest to do in sections, like from joint to joint as shown in the picture. This will take a few passes. Just score on the first pass, so the cutter doesn't stray too much. The next few passes the knife will go deeper.  Flip the lid over if needed and cut from the front side to help the plastic separate. Use your hands to help pull the plastic apart.

Optional: You can take a flame to anything jagged to smooth it out more.

Step 2: Glue!

Plug in your glue gun if you haven't already.  Cut your mesh laundry bag to fit over the opening you just cut with generous overlapping on the edges. Glue in sections. Run a line of hot glue and then press the fabric into the glue. It's best to do one side, then do the opposite side, pulling taut as you glue. Once the glue has cooled, cut off the excess mesh.

Step 3: Use!

Lay the new rack over the laundry basket, and it's ready to use. This is for lightweight clothing: light sweaters, delicates, etc. Nothing heavy like a coat. I think a pair of jeans would be too heavy as well. I made three of these and I have stacked all three on one laundry basket. I change the order of what's stacked on top so that each item gets top drying time.

Please don't buy a tote with a lid if you don't have anything like this laying around. This is what I had and it worked well for me. Hopefully it will spark some ideas.

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