Introduction: Spark Based Metal Engraver

This instructable explains the making of a electrical metal engraver, the engraving on the metal is produced by a spark that produce a mark on the ferreous metal; this metal engraver can be made from scrap material, i used the following materials:

- 12v 3 amp DC power source

- wood piece 5x0.75x0.375 in

- small rubber band

- paper clip

- nail 2 in long

- small bolt + nut 0.125in diam.

- metal sheet 2.75 x 0.375 in

-wire copper awg 26 (aprox 1/64 in) length = 5.6 meters (aprox.)

Step 1: Making the Engraver

1.- Bend the metal sheet as is shown in the picture, make a hole to fit the small bolt.

2.- Make a hole in the wood piece to help to introduce the 2 in nail in this wood piece.

3.- Introduce the nail in the wood piece leaving 1 inch free.

4.- Tie one end of the copper wire to the nail and start to wind a coil

5.- Secure the final end of the coil to the wood piece

6.- Unbend the paper clip to form a rod, join it to the metal sheet using the small bolt + nut

7.- Attach the metal sheet to the wood piece using the rubber band, make sure the head of the bolt is touching the head of the nail.

Step 2: Using Your Metal Engraver

Connect the metal engraver as shown in the picture, positive to the coil and negative to the piece to engrave

touch the piece to engrave with the rod (paper clip), this produce a spark that leave a mark in the metal, the key to draw your design is to make quick and repetitive movements to produce bigger sparks.

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