Spark Inbox Monitor

Introduction: Spark Inbox Monitor

A simple LED wheel to illustrate the number of emails in your inbox. The number of LED's illuminated will represent the number of emails that are in your inbox.

This uses a Spark Core and the Internet Button.

Step 1: Set Up Spark

Plug the Spark Core into the Internet Button.

Follow the instructions below to prepare your Spark Core:

Take note of the device name, you will need this later.

Step 2: Apply Firmware

Using, copy the following code into the editor:

Press Flash. The LED on the Spark Core will flash purple to indicate that it's in progress, and will flash green to indicate that it has been successful.

Take note of the access token (available in the Settings menu).

Note: you can change the brightness of the LEDs using the brightness variable.

Step 3: Install Node.js

Follow the instructions on the following website to install node.js on your computer:

Step 4: Download and Run Spark-inbox

Download spark-inbox from the website below:

Rename config.example.json to config.json. In config.json, Using a text editor (such as Notepad), change the token, device name, and, for your email account, your username and password. You will need IMAP enabled on your email provider.

Now, in a terminal, run the following

npm install

After this, you can run spark inbox by running the following

node app.js

That's it! LEDs should now illuminate to show you the number of emails in your inbox.

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