Spark Plug Shelf & Hanger




Introduction: Spark Plug Shelf & Hanger

The dimension: Width 12 x Height 10 x Length 50 centimeters.

Hello, this project I will try to make a Shelf & Hanger at the same time, by using the old spark plugs. The spark plugs are easy to find, and when it not work, people usually throw them away. For the car guy, the design will look like the engine parts components that use the old spark plugs. The front panel that holds the spark plugs and the horizontal groves makes it looks like the valve cover. The Spark Plug Shelf & Hanger is a perfect piece on the office’s wall, the garage, and other rooms that want to be decorated and functional for daily use as well.

Supplies that you need to do the Spark Plug Shelf & Hanger’s project.

1. Old wood panel. (Any kind of wood panel).

2. Old spark plugs (Car or Truck).

3. Small picture frame brackets and screws.

4. Wood glue.

Step 1: Cut the Panel & Drill

First clean the old wood panel with the metal brush. Start cut the wood panel in to 3 pieces. The dimensions are 6 x 50, 4 x 50, and 3 x 50 centimeters. Then I did the 45 degree angle cut only 2 pieces and the last piece 3 x 50 is use for the back piece that will attach the bracket to hang on the wall. In this step need to use 3 sizes drill bits, first I measure the position for the spark plugs.

Then I use the small drill for the pilot drill, and the big drill that bigger radius than the spark plug only 4 millimeter depth and then drill it again all the way with the same size of the bottom of the spark plug, make sure the hole not bigger and continue to drill all the holes. For the back piece I use the big drill bit to drill only 1 centimeter in depth, that will make it easy to use the nail gun to attach to other piece (The wood will not be too thick). After that I need to set the rougher by using 3 millimeters drill bit and 3 millimeters in depth. As for the gap of each role, I use 4 millimeters plywood as the setback, so I do not need to adjust the rougher every time. Make groves on 2 pieces; the shelf and the front panel.

Step 2: Put It Together

Now it’s time to put all pieces together, first I apply wood glue at the 45 degree of both pieces and attach them by using the nail gun (Make sure that you shoot nail in the grove, it will look nicer). After that apply wood glue on the back piece and use the nail gun shoot in the hole that drill 1 centimeter before. Now draw the line, mark, and drill a small hole for the screw to attach the bracket for hanging.

Step 3: Attach Things

At last, I screw the spark plugs in the holes and make sure that you tight well and straight, do not force it. Then, I drill the screws on the door and hang the Spark Plug Shelf & Hanger up and use it to hangs cloths, others and it can be a decorated piece as well, make the room look cool.

Special Thanks to: Mr. Noom

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