Introduction: Sparkling Bahia

Simple, light & refreshing.  

This is one of those drinks that doesn't taste like alcohol and can sneak up on you after having a few!

2 oz. rum (preferably Pyrat or 10 Cane)
1 oz. Chambord
8 oz. sparkling blueberry lemonade (or sparkling pomegranate lemonade)
4 oz. apple juice (preferably frozen into ice cubes)

I like to freeze the apple juice into ice cubes because 1) I can't use an entire bottle of juice before it goes bad and 2) this keeps the drink from getting watered down by pesky regular water ice cubes.  

However, apple juice ice cubes do thaw much faster than water ice cubes so have plenty on hand or drink your cocktail faster!

(Note:  the glass in the picture only holds 6 oz. and the recipe is for a highball glass size)