Introduction: Sparkling Concrete

I had only wanted a little accent lighting to help with night blindness. Originally I tried to use fiber optics and have the light source be a solar yard light. After struggling to get the right amount of light, and a QT to hobby lobby I decided to go with these battery operated LED string lights.
The obvious problem of "what do you do when the lights go bad" did criss cross thru my mind. The short answer is"I'll adapt to that problem when it arrives".
That part aside, we're very pleased with the project and it helps for backlight when we're stargazing
Are some videos of the lights in action

Step 1: Materials

3'X2' piece of plywood
2 strings of lights
2 80# bags of quicrete 5000

Whole project about $20
Time is about two hours total but you'll have to wait about three days before step four

Step 2: Building Forms

Pretty straightforward: but my must do is;
1 use screws, it will make disassembly much easier
2 I made mine 3" larger than the column. I used cardboard templates and wood gauges to insure that I had the right sizes. When you are going to pour concrete, need to do it right the first time. Or if it's wrong blame it on your kids.

Step 3: Setting the Lights

I stuck the lights to the plywood using just a little bit of clear silicon. As you can see I had to use some screws to brace the bulb upright. Not to evenly spread

Step 4: Pouring the Concrete

When mixing the Crete i made the first bag a little thicker than typically done. This was because I packed it around the lights first. Gradually putting it in by hand from the lights out.
The wood blocks will leave a void for the light controller. The other intention is for a small rise in the brick wall for my stoop wall

Step 5: Breaking Bad

This is gonna make or break. Hmmm. Break is good? Whatever.
Taking the form apart was easy with one exception. The silicon I put in the corners. Still wasn't too bad. A little concrete sealer and take it to its resting place. For me the front yard. I put a pretty food size silicon bead to mount it to the bricks.

Step 6: Voila

I'm really enjoying the new lights and the twinkling is surprisingly my favorite. It really gets the job done well.
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