Introduction: Sparkly Bath Scrubby

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Let’s make a bath scrubby! When I saw this pattern I just had to try it and I was in love! This is so easy and with my additions to the original pattern, just a tad bit larger AND without ANY sewing!

I knew I wanted to make one for my son and if I was happy with that, I would make myself one too. Rather than substitute yarn (like I usually do) I decided to get some Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle because I did kind of like the sparkly quality from the picture in the pattern. So I got a couple “masculine” colors and picked up some “feminine” colors as well. The first scrubby (my son’s) was made from Avocado and Ice Pop; the second scrubby (mine) was made from Strawberry and Watermelon. This yarn comes in 12 colors, so you could cover the entire rainbow!

After making my son’s scrubby I thought I should write an instructable to share, so I took pictures as I made my scrubby – sorry I don’t have a Go Pro, so there’s no video. So here’s the pattern –

Step 1: Getting Started - Round 1

I did use a 4mm (US G-6) crochet hook.

The original pattern states:

With A ch 4; join with slip st in first ch to form a ring.

Round 1 (right side): Ch 1, 12 dc in ring; join with slip st in first dc – 12 dc. Fasten off.

(Comments – I don’t know why it’s identified as “right side” because you never turn the work to a wrong side. And there’s no reason to fasten off; just start round 2 with the chain 3 stated as follows.)

Step 2: Round 2

Round 2: Working in spaces between sts, ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), dc in first space, 2 dc in each space around; join with slip st in top of beginning ch – 24 dc.

(Comments – I decided to crochet in each stitch, and not in the spaces, picking up both loops of the stitch from the previous round.)

Step 3: Round 3

Round 3: Ch 3, 2 dc in same st as join, 3 dc in each st around; join with slip st in top – 72 dc.

Step 4: Round 4

Round 4: Repeat Round 3 – 216 dc. Fasten off.

Step 5: Round 5

Round 5: Join B with slip st in any dc, ch 3, 2 dc in same st as join, 3 dc in each st around; join with slip st in top – 648 dc. Fasten off.

(Comments – I joined B where I left off from Round 4 so I could weave in the yarn ends as I crocheted the beginning of the round.)

Notice how the red scrubby now looks pink? That's because there are so many stitches in this round it conceals the red part.

Step 6: Round 6 (My Addition)

Now here’s the part I added:

Round 6: Join A in the stitch where you ended Round 5. Sc in each st for 320 sts.

Here’s where I create the strap – ch 16, join in the first stitch of Round 6; sc in each ch back to where the chain started. Slip st in the next st, sc in the same st and in each st of the strap (back to the beginning of the round). Join with sl st, sc in same st back to start of strap; do one more row of sc for the strap, sl st in next st, sc in same st – your strap should be 4 sc rows wide. Now finish the round of sc in each st until you get back to the start of the round.

You will only have to weave in the starting and ending tails and – voila! You have a scrubby.

Step 7: Conclusion

By my calculations, if you switch colors for a second scrubby and get creative for a third, you can actually make 3 scrubbies from 2 skeins of yarn. NOTE: Round 5 uses twice as much yarn as rounds 1 thru 4. If you make the third scrubby, you may or may not have enough yarn to complete round 6.