Introduction: Sparkly Christmas Tights

Do you enjoy a glittery wardrobe? Have your legs sparkling like snow this Christmas through Sparkly Christmas Tights!

Step 1: Step One

To make sparkly tights for the Christmas holidays, you will need glitter, 3M photo mount glue, tights (preferably skin colored), and plenty of old newspaper.

Step 2: Step Two

Spread and layer newspaper on the floor to make a surface to work on. The glue is very sticky and will seep through the newspaper if you are not careful. 

Step 3: Step Three

Drape your tights across the newspaper. Make sure the legs are spread apart so that you can glue the glitter onto the legs separately. 

Step 4: Step Four

Spray one leg of the tights and then quickly but carefully pour the glitter onto the adhesive. 

Step 5: Step Five

Let it dry for a few seconds before sliding your arm into the leg; this will knock excess glitter from the cloth and make sure the sides do not stick together so you can actually put your legs into the tights later.

Step 6: Step Six

Repeat steps four and five on the other leg and then on the back of the tights. Add more glue and glitter to any places that need it.

Step 7: Step Seven

When you are completely finished, let the tights dry for a few hours. Then you'll be ready to walk through a winter wonderland!