Introduction: Speaker Case

You have a speaker out of an broken toy or out off a computer and you want to make a cool case for it? Here is an easy way to make a case out of a 6V lantern battery.

Step 1: What You Need

You Will Need
1) 6 volt lantern battery
2) Speaker
3) Knife
4) Soldering Iron
5) Solder
6) Glue

Step 2: Open It Up

To pry open the 6 volt lantern battery use a knife to scour along the seal and they slip it under the plastic and leaver off the lid from the casing. Once you have the lid removed you will find 4 1.5 volt cells that are wired in series. Remove this by pulling it out off the casing.

Step 3: Clean It Out

In side the casing there are 4 dividers used to keep the cells in place and to stop them from shorting. Using a sharp knife or a Xacto knife cut all of the dividers out of the casing.

Step 4: Make a Hole in It

To achieve the right size hole for my speaker i measured the radius of the speaker because that was the easiest way to find the center. Subtract a few millimetres so there will be some case left to attach the speaker to.

With a ruler and a compass place the pointed end of the compass on the zero mark of the ruler and the pencil tip on the measurement. On the bottom of the casing there is a mark left from a process called injection blow moulding when it was made in a factory, this will be in the center.

Place the compass on the mark and make your circle. Cut it out with the knife. If the edges are not smooth
use a file to smooth them off. Remember wear glasses as you don't want to get a file of plastic in your eye.

Step 5: Glue in the Speaker

Glue around the outside of the speaker and sit one of the cells on the back of the speaker of it to apply pressure. Stopping the speaker from coming detached from the casing while the glue dries.

Solder each wire from the speaker to one of the terminals on the back of the lid.

Snap the lid back on and you have finished. To use the speaker connect the corrected cables to the terminals on the out side of the lid.