Introduction: Speaker Megaphone From a Paper Coffee Cup

An Extra Large Paper Coffee Cup from Tim Horton's--(Where does she put it all)

AND, a tweeter from an old speaker system, that needs a focusing force, a .........wait for it........Megaphone, oh maybe that's more a Shelbyville idea.....

Step 1:

Here is the tweeter, (Not a bird, we would never harm a living creature, although paper cofffee cups.....)

It has a heavy plastic collar help on with four Phillips head screws.....oh what to do?

Step 2:

We now have used the miracle device to remove the four screws, and we need to trim down the circumference of the plastic collar.

(I know 'circumference' is a big word but I got one of those new word a month calendars and I like to use my imporv,---- imperv,---- improv,---- my better voca,--- vaca,--- oh, I like to use big werds.)

Step 3:

To trim down the plastic collar, we will use the bandsaw---overkill we know, but we like using the bandsaw and you do not get a lot of chances to use one when dealing with Paper Coffee Cups.

So, after checking the saw and putting on our safety glasses, we sawed, we have sawn, we cut away the outside portion of the collar that was not needed.

Trimmed it to smooth with a file, because we do not like using the belt sander.

Step 4:

The collar needed a cut out for the wiring so using a high tech penknife, we cutout the cutout we needed cutout, (record for how many times 'cutout' is used in one sentence, ok, we'll cut it out)

Also we marked out the circle to be cut out (sorry), removed so the tweeter can tweet freely.

Step 5:

Ok summing up, we cutout the circle, and needed to attach the collar to the cup. We were going to use the four Phillip's head screws (remember them?) but they were too short and so we opted for the worst possible choice, a hot glue gun. Well, we could have melted down a fish or horse for glue, that would have been smellier, but then we wouldn't have to admit we have a hot glue gun, but accuracy is a good thing, right?

so we assembled collar to tweeter, hot glued it to cup and wired stereo to mono so we coule listen to our Ipod through the coffee cup.

kinda ran that last bit eh? we are still embarrassed by the hot glue gun....who bought it anyway???

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