Introduction: Speaker Lamp Hack

In this Instructable I will show you how to turn an ordinary bed-side lamp into a unique speaker to use with your stereo system or ipod / mp3 player. Once you complete your very own speaker lamp, you'll be able to bend it around however you like and rock out to your vavorite tunes.

What you will need:


large speaker

bendy lamp


shrink tubes


soldering iron

hot glue gun
(or anything that will hold your speaker to your lamp)

wire cutters / strippers

screw driver

Step 1: Remove Bulb and Socket

The first thing you need to do is remove the light bulb and the socket.

just un screw the bulb and then cut the wires that are conected to the socket but make sure you don't cut them too short or els you will have no room to solder.

Step 2: Wire the Speaker

Now its time to connect the speaker to the wires that were attached to the socket.

Use your tools and strip the wires in the lamp and solder the wires from the speaker on to them. Remember to put on shrink tubes on each one and use your lighter or soldering iron to shrink the tubes around the connection, make sure that the wire don't touch each other at all.

Step 3: Attach the Speaker

Its time to attach the speaker.

pull out your hot glue gun (or other adhesive) and start gluing until it firmly attached all the way around. the magnet in the speaker should also help support it a little.

Step 4: Bypass the Switch

There is no longer a need for a switch because it will be controlled by your stereo system or ipod.

unscrew the bottom plate of the lamp revealing all the wires the wires, then cut the wires that are connected to the switch, and connect the wires that go through the arm to the wires that go to the plug. and again don't forget you shrink tubes. once your done put the weight back in and screw the plate back on.

Step 5: Strip and Tin the Leads

The power cord is now going to be the leads for the speaker, these are what you will plug into your stereo system.

Clip off the plug on the end of the cord, pull them apart and strip the two wires , then take your soldering iron out and tin the ends of them, this makes it so the wire stays together and dose not fray apart.

Step 6: Plug in and Enjoy

take the two wires and insert them into the speaker plugs on your stereo your

done! now you have you own unique bendable speaker so just kick back and enjoy!

you could even add a 1/8 inch plug so you can play songs straight from your ipod or
use them with your computer or even make a few or them and place them around the
room and use them with your TV for a one of a kind surround sound system!

Try painting yours or use decorations to make it your very own!

thanks for reading, and feel free to post any comment, questions, or ideas you may have.

Step 7: Pics

some pics after i added a mini jack

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