Introduction: Speakerphone

Good luck!!!


1. disposable cup for hot drinking

2. Cardboard

3. Measuring ruler

4. Cutting knife

5. Plastic glue

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboards

Cut the Cardboards into 10 by 10 cm squares (6 squares)

Step 2: Cut a Hole for the Phone

1 of the squares must cut a hole for the phone

(it is important that it fits the size of the phone in order for it to fit)

Step 3: Start Pasting

Paste 3 regular squares and the square with the hole as in the picture.

Step 4: Cut Space for a "microphone" Cup

Cut a circle suitable for inserting the glass of hot drink and cut the circle, we will need the circle we cut, only the frame.

Step 5: Final Steps to Finish

Glue the last regular square and put the glass into the hole we cut. Then stick the square with the glass as well. Let it dry.

Step 6: And We're Done!

Put the phone in the hole we made the size of the phone, decorate if desired.

And you're done!

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