Speakers - USB Powered to Battery Powered Conversion

Introduction: Speakers - USB Powered to Battery Powered Conversion

I've got an USB powered speakers but I'm not only using it with my laptop, I'm also using it with my MP3 player and my mobile phone.

Usually I'm using AC to USB 5V adapter to power up the speakers, but sometimes it's not practical.

Then I've got an idea to put battery on it, so it's become more portable.

To do that I'm only need to buy battery holder witch I can buy in any electronics supply store.
Then I open up the speakers, make a couple of holes and connect the cable from the battery to the power input on the circuit. Just as simple as that.

Now I have 3 options to power up my speakers:
1. USB from laptop.
2. AC power with adapter.
3. Battery

Sorry I don't have a step by step Instructables because it's very easy and I'm sure you all already know what to do.

Remember to put the battery on series first so we will get 6volts from it to power up the speakers.

Conversion on USB powered is a lot easier then the AC powered.

Have a nice try.....

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Consider putting a battery/usb switch in there. Or at least a nice diode. That would allow you to keep a set of ANY AA batteries in place, while still using the USB power.

    With a straight hookup, when plugged into usb, the power may get split between the speaker circuit and the batteries.

    Now with rechargable, it's not so much a worry. 5V at 500mA max divided into 4 AA batteries of over 1000mAh rating(my keyboard batteries are rated at 2100) ... well, that puts you way under 1/2C. So it becomes a safe charge rate.
    Just don't leave the speakers plugged in, laptop running, with speaker power OFF, for more than a few hours. That may result in an overcharge condition on the batteries.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    You r right... To keep it simple I just unplug one of the battery so it will not charge when I plug the USB.