Introduction: Spectacle-mounted Laser Pointer for Persons With Locomotor Disabilities

People with severe locomotor disabilities like those caused by cerebral palsy often have complex communication needs. They may be required to use boards with the alphabet or commonly used words printed on them to aid in communication. However, many may not be able to effectively gesture at their chosen symbols due to limitations in their motor abilities.

A laser pointer can be used by those with a somewhat fine neck control to gesture at symbols or objects of their choosing. The following instructable will teach you to make a simple, cheap laser pointer that can be clipped onto the bridge of a spectacle.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


    1. LED laser x1
    2. 1.5V button cell battery x2
    3. A small wooden peg (available at craft supplies) x1
    4. The outer casing laser cut out of 210gsm(approx) card stock or ivory paper (laser cutting file attached)


    1. Tape
    2. Wire cutter/stripper

    Step 2: Prep the Laser Wires

    Using a wire cutter/stripper, snip the wire to about 2cm in length leaving 1cm of wiring exposed.

    Step 3: Fold the Casing

    Fold the casing along the scores.

    Step 4: Tape the Wires

    Tape the wires of the laser to the inner sides of the casing as shown.

    Step 5: Paste the Tabs

    Fold in the model and paste all tabs using PVA glue.

    Step 6: Paste to Peg

    Paste the entire model to the wooden peg.

    Step 7: Insert Button Cell Batteries

    Insert the button cell batteries through the opening and shut the flap. Remember to orient the positive side of the batteries to the red wire.

    Step 8: It's Now Ready to Use!

    To shut the laser, the batteries need to be pulled out.

    Step 9: TL;DR

    Recap diagram.