Introduction: Speed Snail

The design of this skateboard is to preserve the traditional skateboard design structure and make some innovations to give users a better visual and operational experience. The appearance of the color is mainly orange and yellow, supplemented by black, it can give others a visual impact. Colorful lines and various patterns are interlaced to make it even more cool. The base is based on its own appearance, and its shape is designed as a snail with wings, which means more profound.



The blue eyes of the snail and the yellow wings behind it can be illuminated at night, giving the user a better joy at night! Not only that, but the illuminated skateboard can also be used as a decoration at home, which is more beautiful!

Step 1: The Idea.

First of all, I have to build the fixture under the skateboard first, because this device is the core of the entire skateboard. Then install the pulleys and build the panels.

Step 2: Simple Base

The base of the skateboard is adjusted and integrated by the rectangular parallelepiped and the wedge body to form a basic base. Four hexagonal prisms and ISO metric threads are used to make screws and nuts, and the whole is black. as the picture shows

Step 3: Base Modification

According to the actual base and fixture, the basic shape of TinkerCAD is used for splicing and combination to obtain the following model.For the sake of beauty, I added some small ideas to the base. As shown in the figure below, it looks like a small snail with a heavy weight. I add a pair of wings to myself, even if there are more things on my body, as long as I can still stand up, but also pursue speed, pursue progress, pursue the sky, and hope that one day I can fly to my ideal place. The snail eye is a small light bulb that can be illuminated. The yellow wings can also emit yellow light. The eyes can emit a faint blue light at night, and the wings are yellow, reflecting on the ground, which is even more cool. At home, it can also be used as a decoration.

Step 4: Board Manufacturing and Decoration

This is followed by the manufacture of pulleys and panels. The pulleys are made of orange tires, which are coordinated with the orange and yellow panels, beautiful and comfortable, or for the sake of beauty, with some text, patterns and lines on the board。

Step 5: Inspection of Details

At this point, the design and manufacture of the skateboard is basically complete, and then we have to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the skateboard we made, including the overall appearance and details of the parts.Once you have no problem, you can truly complete your creativity.

The above is the introduction to my design skateboard, thank you!

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