Introduction: Speed Spin Roller Cleaner

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This is a handy tool for those of you that detest cleaning paint rollers. It's seen good service and I can attest it's usefulness as I've used it for many years.

Step 1: Materials

1. A quality paint roller cage.

2. Epoxy.

3. 3/8" aluminum bar minimum of 16".

Step 2: Separate Cage From Handle

1. Drill a whole in the end cap of the paint cage pop it off. Keep the cap to reinstall.

2. Remove the hacksaw blade from the handle then insert it between the cage and the handle after prying it wide enough. I used a clothes pin. Then reattach the blade to the hacksaw handle cut and remove the handle from the cage.

Step 3: Replace the Handle With a Straight Aluminum Bar

1.Take your aluminum bar and give it a few good smacks on one end so that it creates a small flange. Then cut the bar at around 16" inches or so. Make sure you don't cut off the flange. Don't make it too long or you'll get a speed wobble and it might bend but make it long enough that you're not getting your drill wet.

2. Ream out the cage with a 3/8" bit to fit the 3/8" bar then insert the bar into the cage and pull it through until it stops at the flange.

3. Fill the flange side with epoxy and reinstall the end cap.

Step 4: Use It!!

Insert the aluminum bar into your favorite drill and slide the paint soaked sleeve onto the cage. While running the sleeve under the tap, alternate with bursts of the drill until the sleeve is clean and almost dry.

Caution: If you use an electric drill that uses house power then use a ground fault interrupter or rubber gloves and make sure your not standing in water. Don't take chances.

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