Introduction: Speed Up Your PC

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What is Ram (Random Access Memory)? - Just a form of Computer data storage.which allows data item to be read and written roughly in the same amount of time regardless of the order in which data items are accessed.

All your Computer Speed Depends upon RAM, and as we know whenever your RAM fill up more than 80% or fully 100% then our system becomes laggy/unresponsive, since it holds the huge amount of data in it and so the times come when user search for Softwares and all to fix it.

But you can do it with a batch file i.e. without Software

Just follow the steps Provided and you will surely see an appreciable change in your pc speed >>>

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Step 1: Step #1

1.Click on Start Menu

2.Search For Notepad

3.Open it

Step 2: Step #2

Now You Have to type Code into it but do this with a right Step:

Codes to write for 512 MB RAM: FreeMem=Space(51200000)

Codes to write for 1 GB RAM: FreeMem=Space(102400000)

Codes to write for 2 GB RAM: FreeMem=Space(204800000)

Codes to write for 4 GB RAM: FreeMem=Space(409600000)

and so on .......

Actually your Computer Calculate things in a regular manner, as many users knows that:

8 bits = 1 bytes

1024 bytes = 1 kilobytes (KB)

1024 kilobytes = 1 megabytes (MB)

1024 Megabytes = 1 gigabytes (GB)

1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabytes (TB) and so on the power of 2.... (IGNORE! - not a main part of this instructable)

So the Main deal is to write code as per your ram...

i had written codes for 2GB RAM, just to give example in next step>>

Step 3: Step #3

After writing Codes, just save it's type as All Files and give a file name anything you want but with a .vbs extension.

I had written file name as: Ramboost.vbs

See the Pic in next step >>>

Step 4: Step #4

You done All the Steps!

Now just Save it in your desired location and open it....

And So you can now see Some Appreciable Change/Boost in Speed Of your PC.

By the Way For Novice Users! i want to tell that i save that file in desktop to show you >>>

Step 5: Step #5

Just open that file whenever you feel that your Speed Is Slow... ENJOY!

Uhh...One more trick similar to this instructable also works:

Just write the codes:


and save it as RAM.vbe (so open it whenever you feel slow)