Introduction: Speedy Pizza, Easy Pizza

This speedy contest means a easy pizza!

Well actually I was craving pizza haha.

Step 1: When I Crave Pizza.....

All I have to do is open my kitchen cabinet!

In this scary covid times, I do not want to visit the supermarket any time when I have a craving. So, let the fun easy cooking begin.

I always have pre mixed pizza flour, tomato sauce and olive oil in my kitchen. Oh, and of course CHEESE. Because there is no pizza without cheese :)

Step 2: Supplies

- pre mixed pizza flour
- concentrated tomato sauce i.e. tomato paste
- olive oil
- cheese (any cheese would do, but in my case mini mozzarella)
- some garnish (in my case oregano and fresh basil)
- any thing in the fridge or kitchen what you can use as topping!

Step 3: What's Cooking, Good Looking?

So start to make the dough as stated on the package. This would take less than 10 min. Let the dough rise.

In the mean time preheat the oven.

Start to cut the onions, or any veggie/topping you want to use.

Make the tomato sauce. I add some olive oil and oregano, salt, a tinybit of sugar and a bit water to tomato paste.

Assemble the pizza. Go crazy, or in my case I made instructable figure with mozarella

Sprinkle the oregano like salt bae.

Pizza in the oven and after 20 min you are ready to eat your easy pizza!
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